I'm an experienced interactive front-end designer and developer with a strong background in graphic design and visual arts.


With more than a decade of agency, corporate and freelance experience, I'm passionate about technology, design and illustration and I'm driven to create or learn something new every day.


I also have plenty of opinions on very important things such as pizza, coffee, comics, games and movies.

Design & Development

I've been designing and coding for the web for a long time. How long? I've worked with tables so much, an IKEA catalog gives me PTSD. Git, Grunt, Bower, Yeoman, Vagrant, SASS, PHP and jQuery aren't just some of my tools, they're also names I occasionally call my daughter.


Graphic Design & Illustration

Does your print department need a hand? Before I discovered computers, my first love was art. Logos, Layouts and even Illustration are all areas that I can help you with as well.